Eating Real

On Instagram I committed to 30 days without sugar. I’ve since changed my mind. Slightly. Instead of completely sugar free, I’m going to allow minimal fruit, and an occasional dairy, like cheese. I’m also going to allow potatoes and rice. So, I guess you could say I’m going to be going to a whole foods diet, instead of a strict sugar free diet. Having said that, I won’t have any bad sugars – no processed foods – pop – alcohol, candy, ice cream – you know, the tasty food group.

This morning I made scrambled eggs cooked in Coconut oil – which is awesome for killing off an overgrowth of Candida, which is why I originally wanted to go sugar free. On the side was turkey bacon. I have no idea if that’s technically a whole food but we went with that this morning. And for drink, a yumtastic green smoothie full of great greens and tasty fruit.


For lunch I’ll have a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and lemon garlic water. Lemon is great for detoxing and garlic is awesome at killing off bacteria and yeast. I might add rice to this dish as well. Depends on how hungry I am. I will be cooking the broccoli in real butter and adding real butter to my rice.

And for dinner I’m going to make a tasty chicken stir fry with bell peppers and broccoli served with rice and probably a carrot and apple juice – freshly made.


(it was so yum, y’all!)

I’m trying really hard to turn over a new leaf in my eating. I know we all need to eat whole foods, a healthy diet. I also know that its not going to be easy switching from eating junk food, processed foods, lots of sugar, etc. But, with determination, and God’s help, I believe I can keep this new lifestyle up.

If you switched to a whole foods diet, how long did it take before it was second nature to eat so healthy?

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