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Its coming faster and faster. Before I know it the new baby will be here. Life will change. Our family will never be the same. Its a good feeling. A scary feeling. And I know there will be a period of adjusting for everyone in our family.

But the one I’m most concerned about is baby Z. He just turned two but he is still so much the baby around here. He seems to be pretty comfortable in that role and soon enough he’ll be replaced in that role. He wasn’t given a vote in that…it’ll just happen.

For months he’s not wanted anything to do with the baby doll we have. And if he did do anything with it the actions weren’t nice. Not nice at all. Yet today I found him playing nicely with the baby doll. Like a little Mommy. And I captured a kiss. A sweet, gentle kiss.

Maybe we’re taking a step in the right direction. Sure, it was just a baby doll and the real thing will be a lot more to adjust to. I’m not naive to the fact that it could be a rough few weeks or more to get everyone on track with growing from a family of four to a family of five but I do have a bit more hope that baby Z might be okay moving into the middle child role.

Now I just need to be okay with it. Part of me is sad to see him move out of the baby role. Part of me is excited and ready to embrace him becoming my middle child. All kinds of feelings are circling around inside of me. I can only imagine that, in their own way, my kids have their own little mix of emotions….or they will when the baby comes.

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  1. I know what you mean-I wasn’t ready for Little Dude to stop being my baby until I saw him with JR, then it just seemed perfect. And no worries, Little Dude THREW the baby doll I got him, but he is so sweet to JR it makes me bubble over with happiness. It will be ok, and congrats on the kiss pic-its so cute!

  2. I’ve been going trough the same rolercoaster of emotions! I’m happy to be this close to meet baby#2

    and overwhelm about all that still need to be done before he/she is here.

    Scare that I wont be able to have a VBAC (Doctor say that there is a small chance that I would need another section Rebekah after 4 hours of pushing decided that side way she was going to stay!!!)

    and tired and wants to have this baby as soon as possible!

    and anxious that he/she will come out on Jan 1 (the day my sweet sister in law is getting married and I”m the one who will be making all the flowers arrangement!!! difficult to do in the hospital LOL)

    I’m sure Z will be a great big brother!!!!

    Renees last blog post..30.3 weeks belly pictures!!!!

  3. I so know the emotions you are going through – went through them with every child. But once the baby is born and you have a few weeks to adjust… Your family will be just perfect! For now, enjoy those boys you have!

  4. Sorry I am late in commenting on this post…just connected with yours from Qtpies7…I’m new to this blogging stuff.

    My third has just turned three months and her two older brothers just adore her. I was concerned about number two as well but he has exceeded my expectations of gentleness and love for his sister. Check out the Wordless Wednesday picture on my blog and you will see how obvious it is that he loves her.


    Joyful Noises last blog post..Where was my camera?

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