Feeling Emotional

Maybe it’s because this Sunday will be the 6th year my beautiful Granny has passed on to her forever home. Or maybe it’s because last week was the 2 year anniversary of my Mom’s near fatal suicide attempt.

Or maybe it’s because of all the parents of babies with Autism. Or maybe it’s because of this family’s tragic loss of their little girl. It is likely all of what I just wrote. And I’m sure being pregnant just adds to it. All I know is I’m rather emotional right now…tears flow and my heart is full and feels as though it’ll burst.

I’m also finally at total peace with my life now. I’m happy. I’m content. My business is where it always belonged (passive and on the back burner) and my family is where they always belonged (right up front … in the number one spot). I love being a Mom. Each day brings something beautiful.

Tonight I feel blessed…and I feel pain.

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