Family Stories


14192674_10209322521196560_1892649520250813937_nThe first day of 7th, 4th, and 2nd grade came and went without any problems. The kids woke easily, weren’t nervous, and didn’t complain about going to school. The weather was decent for walking to school. My husband walked N. to the bus stop and I was Z. and D. to their school. I still can’t get over how neat it is that I can walk my kids to their school less than a few blocks away. It takes about 10-12 minutes to get to school, so not bad at all.

14117912_10209322520516543_6569567043560352527_nI found out from my husband later that N. didn’t want him to walk him all the way to the stop. And when he got home asked if he could just walk to the stop alone from now on, which after some thought we have agreed to. The bus stop is only a street over and there are a lot of other kids and teens there – he has friends at the bus stop too. So we have allowed this step in independence.

14102652_10209322521276562_6988125533212346752_nLater that day my husband and I both walked to get our two youngest kids from school. It was hot, not going to lie. After all, it is still summer in North Texas. But it could have been hotter, so I won’t complain too much. Both kids come out of different doors, so I took one door and my husband took the other. It was a smooth process and all went well with that, too.

They all had a great day. No complaints from them at all. What a blessing and answer to my prayers! I’m believing for a great year for all three of them as the continue to grow, mature, and learn.