Fishing, Y’all

The kids, Adam, and I jumped in the car and drove a few blocks over to one of the ponds in our neighborhood. We’d purchased three little kid poles at Wal-Mart earlier in the week and the kids have been asking every day since if they could go fishing. Well, its been so hot here in north Texas we just couldn’t find a good time to fish, until tonight. Even though it had been extremely hot today, some clouds moved in, bringing wind with them, and really cooled things down a lot.


The kids plopped down on their green chairs and with the help of Daddy, learned how to cast the line out, and reel it back in. We fished for a good thirty minutes without any bites before we moved to a new spot, a little cove in the pond. That was the sweet spot. Lots of nibbles and then – the jack pot – three fish caught in the span of five minutes or so.


The kids were fascinated with the fish, touching them, and looking at them, and asking all kinds of questions. The excitement was palpable, even for us, the adults. All that waiting had paid off. We let them go and continued fishing. As the sun set, the fish stopped biting, and the turtles came out in their place. The turtles were nibbling on the bait – little turtle heads were popping up every where. It was so cute but also a little annoying that they seemed to be taking the place of the fish.


We packed it up with only three fish caught and no fish for the kids but we still had a wonderful time together as a family. We’ll do this again for sure. In fact, we adults might get our own poles, it was that much fun! This is seriously the coolest place to live. I couldn’t be more happy. Some say grass isn’t greener on the other side, I say, we are one of the few who found greener grass! Texas is amazing and so is our little neighborhood. I even like the hot weather because its perfect for swimming, which we all love to do, too.



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