Z, you had a fishing field trip at the pool pond Friday. You wanted me to go. I’ll confess, I was very tired from the long night before of taking care of your older brother. He was sick with the flu, or something. I also had to work. But you looked at me, and smiled big when I asked if you wanted me to come. And so, I went.

I walked through a sea of smiling faces, and baited fishing poles, to find you looking for me, too. I handed you your jacket, you thanked me and promptly put it on. It wasn’t cold – just a chill in the air. But I knew you’d like to wear it, so I bought it for you.

I helped you bait your hook with the hot dog pieces the school provided. You and your friend, Andrew, took turns fishing. We watched others catch fish, and turtles, while you kept catching sea weed. Which, by the way, stunk really bad. You spotted, what you thought was a clam. You were so serious when you had the pole, watching intently for a fish, or a turtle, to take hold of the hook.

While I was there, you didn’t catch anything. But, I could tell you had a great time. I loved seeing you with your classmates. You’re such a sweet boy. I’m lucky to be your momma. Thanks for wanting me at your field trip. I know those days are running out. One day you’ll be too embarrassed to have me around. I’m so glad I went.

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