I’ve been losing my hair for years now since becoming sick with Lyme disease. It’s been really hard to see my pretty hair go from thick and full to thinning and flimsy.


(left: before my hair loss – right: a current snapshot of my hair loss)

For about a year now I’ve been wearing hair pieces. I don’t wear them full time but when I get all dolled up I do like to have my hair thicker and fuller. But the more hair I lose, the harder it is to hide clip in extensions. I’ve also tried half wigs and full on wigs but I just don’t like wigs – I can tell they are fake and I hate that.

One day about a week ago I ran into something called Flip In Hair by Uni Wigs. It caught my eye because it was part human hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair, all on one weft, hanging from a wire. Yes, a wire. How bazaar right? If I had more hair I’d probably pass it by but because I can’t even hide clip in extensions anymore, it caught my eye.


See that up there, all that hair hanging from a wire?! Wild huh? But it works, and works well. The wire is transparent and once you pull your real hair out over it, you cannot see it at all. And you’d think it would be impossible to wear without falling off, but you’d be wrong. It’s super easy to keep in and it isn’t uncomfortable either. Of course I can tell its in there because there’s more weight on my head than I’m used to, but it just feels like a full head of hair.


What I like about Flip In Hair is that its all on once piece, unlike clip in hair extensions that come in many wefts, making them harder to hide in my thinning hair, this flip in hair is super easy to hide in my hair.

This piece from Uni Wigs feels like my real hair, looks like my real hair. The only give away is the length. People who know me, know that I don’t have that length of hair. A stranger would likely never guess its not my real hair. It blends really well.


I decided to cut it a bit shorter to make it look even more real. I think its totally undetectable now that its not my real hair. Next time though I’m going to take it into a hair dresser and have them cut it for me. I’m not the best at cutting my own hair.


There’s nothing I don’t like about this hair. The quality is amazing, so soft, and real looking. You can heat style it. It’s not super shiny, like wigs can be. It’s part real hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair. It came fast – the shipping was so quick! Uni Wigs has a great selection of lengths and colors. I have my eye on a wavy Flip In Hair extension.

Here’s a video of how to adjust the wire to your head and how to blend the piece with your natural hair.

Click here to shop Uni Wigs Flip In Hair Extensions.

For my needs I give this hair a 10 out of 10.




(I bought this with my own money, I’m not being compensated for my opinion. However, the links in this post are affiliate links. So if you buy Flip In Hair I’ll make a small commission.)

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