Remember when you were a teenager, in love for the first time{s), and you’d wear your boyfriends jacket when he wasn’t there so you could smell him?

Or you’d dab a bit of his cologne, or even just smell you clothes when you got home from a date, and remember him?

Please tell me that wasn’t just me?

And you know, I still do that.

Yesterday I dabbed a bit of his cologne on my arm and each time I ran my fingers through my hair I’d smell him.

Sometimes I dream about him.

Often I look through older photographs, or home movies, and reminisce of how our love began.

It isn’t always perfect.

Sometimes we fight or say hurtful things.

Occasionally we get annoyed with one another and want our space.

Ours isn’t a fairy tale love story.

Who’s is?

But it’s good and real and fun.

He still floats my boat.

And I still excite his emotions.

Kids get in the way. Work gets in the way. Bills and stress and life, too.

But we always manage to find our way back to the foundation of our love for one another…

Friendship and laughter.

Ours isn’t a perfect love, but it’s a good and real love.

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  1. I personally love wearing my husband sweatshirt. On Mondays in particular, when I’m the most sad to see him leave for work because I’ve breathed him in for two whole days.
    Such a sweet post, Nell.
    .-= Corinne´s last blog ..I am that mother =-.

  2. helo. i love your blog. they are so neat, easy to find things to read as well.. My husband’s birthday is next month and also our 30th wedding anv.. Is cologne a great gift for him ?

  3. Nell, have you been peeking into my life? You always put down in words how I feel about love, life and the joys of children.

    Real love is amazing isn’t it? It isn’t fairy tales, it’s honest, it’s real and it’s wonderful. I have that with my hubby and I couldn’t be happier.
    .-= Nanette ~ AMomBlog´s last blog ..The Fear is Back =-.

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