Free Crochet Hamster Pattern Review

I went looking for a quick, easy project to whip up in one sitting and found this delightful hamster pattern by Grace & Yarn.

Pattern at a glance:

3.5 mm hook

Worsted weight yarn in main color and accent color

Safety eyes, or you could embroider them


(She has the full list of pattern items on her blog post.)

You need to be familiar with the single crochet, magic circle, single crochet increase, and the decrease stitch.

This pattern took me a little over an hour in total.

My Thoughts:

This is a super well thought out pattern, easy for the beginner, fun for the seasoned, and will be loved by kids! There wasn’t anything in the pattern that threw me for a loop, or that I didn’t enjoy. I highly recommend this free pattern.

My youngest son promptly scooped him up and claimed him as his own. I did actually crochet with a larger hook than recommended because I couldn’t find my 3.5 mm hook so mine is bigger than what yours will be if you crochet it as the pattern suggests.

Her links:




The next pattern I’m tackling is a snail, a paid pattern I found on Etsy. It’ll be for my middle son, who has a couple pet snails right now and really enjoys snails. I’m hoping it’s a straight-forward pattern, something I can understand, but it is going to be more complicated than this sweet hamster from Grace and Yarn!

What are you working on right now?

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