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Bye-bye Bravo network and Cops marathons on Spike and Cloo. Long gone are the days of endless channel surfing. For those of you who don’t know, we dumped our cable. We literally bought the new-school rabbit ears to pick up network channels and other obscure channels. We’re obviously doing this to save money. Well I guess not obviously, it could be just that we are cutting back the channels to encourage more time together. I don’t know. But for us, it’s about money.

Our cable bill was $250.00 and sure we could have lowered it by cutting channels but we were going for a drastic cut in this bill and boy are we getting it. Now don’t get me wrong, we do have Netflix for the kids, mostly. So we aren’t totally in the dark ages. But y’all, we’re dang close. I didn’t notice much a difference during the week. I typically start my day with my local Fox news and park there all day long. But this weekend. Oh mylanta this weekend is the weekend of suck.

I’m also on a budget now. A huge spending cut budget. Which is such a relief. I’ve wanted to do this for so long but like with any habit it sometimes takes a few tries before you get it right. This time, I’m going to get it right. Whether it kills me or not. So I’m being dramatic. Sue me. Seriously, though, it’s not easy for me to be put on a spending limit. I’m the type of person who sees something I want and I just have.to.have.it. Whether that be a new blog theme (ahem) or cute clothes for the kids or the newest set of living room couch pillows. Whatever the case may be, it’s never necessary.

I’m excited to be frugal and find ways to save money. Like cutting the cable bill, knocking the A/C up a few degrees during the day, shopping at Aldi, and so on. It’s funny, my brother called a few days ago. I said, guess what? We don’t have cable anymore. He was shocked. Why?! He said. I told him we’re trying to save money, cut costs, and live beneath our means, rather that right at our means. He laughed and said never mind, I was going to ask you to buy me a book. It’s so funny the reactions we are getting from people about dropping cable. Some are supportive and tell me stories of their own dropping of cable and television, while others are shocked and can’t imagine life without cable.

So today, with the whole weekend of suck on the local channels, I got a lot done. I cleaned and rearranged and redecorated (moved things around, nothing new purchased) the living room, kitchen, and dining room. I listened to an awesome worship album I purchased before the new budget went into affect. For you curious types, the album is Passion 2015 – y’all, so good! and I also launched my embroidery shop. At this time I only have four pieces for sale. It takes a long time to stitch so it’ll be a slow burn adding new hoops to the shop. But go have a look and let me know what you think! And maybe buy something while you’re there.

So yeah, that’s been my week. Oh and I had a tooth pulled, I think I might have dry sockets, I’ve had a rough few days of Lyme disease symptoms, Dash has been a beast, the kids are fighting a lot – it’s sooo time for school – we’ve had meet the teacher days, I met up with my childhood best friend, and got news my grandma had mere days to live – and now, now she is actually doing better! Glory to God.

Here’s my favorite song from Passion 2015 album

And the barely-took-second-place-favorite:

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