Gary the Happy Snail

My middle son has always been a nature lover. He adores nature, animals, bugs, and the like. While walking home from fishing a month ago he stumbled upon a couple of garden snails and asked if he could keep them at the house in a container. And me being the cool mom, I said, yes.

That was a month and 12 snails ago and we still have a snail colony going strong. He loves the snails, takes care of them, makes sure they have a nice clean home etc. And he leaves them alone for the most part, as not to upset them with too much holding. He’s really good at taking care of nature. He’s also a gardener, plays the french horn… so what I’m saying is, he’s pretty dang cool!

So when I found a snail pattern on Etsy, I knew I wanted to make it for him. After all, if I know how to crochet animals, what better way to use those skills than making gifts for my children?

I used a larger hook size than the pattern so my snail is quite large, which Zane loves. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and put together. One thing I had to do differently was the shell. I stitched it correctly but instead of gluing it together, I stitched it together, so you can see a couple divots that indicate that. I don’t have a hot glue gun.

Zane has named him Gary. The snails are all Gary’s with one Larry, the smallest snail. Right now, the crocheted Gary resides upon the container of the snails. He is their leader. And he will be well loved.

If you want to buy the pattern yourself, you can click here.

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