The kids and their grandparents leave the day after tomorrow for their week long beach trip. I can’t believe it’s here already. I’ll be up at 4:30am getting them ready to go. I’ll be kissing them and hugging them for the last time for a week! I’m so excited to hear about their ocean adventure!

I dropped them off at their grandparents today so I could run a couple errands. I dropped off their books at the library, picked up fabric for another teddy bear for Dash, grabbed lunch, then came home and did some laundry before going back to get the kids.

We came home with a bucket of toads and ice cream faces.


(sneak peak at the bear.)

We’re having a lazy day. Aside from a brief time of cleaning and doing laundry. Tomorrow is our busy day of packing and doing more laundry. It’s good to be lazy sometimes. It’s not always good to be an on the go kinda family. The kids need the downtime and so does mommy.

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