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God didn’t make me sick

Many believe God made them sick. There’s always something behind this reasoning. Usually they are learning something valuable through the pain of disease, or they were brought to their knee’s, closer to God. Sadly many Christians think God is angry at them for their sins, punishing them for whatever they’ve done wrong in their lives, that they actually deserve the sickness. They cite JOB, or Paul and his thorn in the flesh, or other Scripture that talk about keeping joy through the trial.

I can see where they might get the idea that God made them sick. God treated His people differently under the old covenant, where sin had yet to be covered by the Blood of the Lamb. The curse of the Law was very real, written due to sin. When Jesus came to earth He became the curse for us. We are free from the curse of the Law. We’re free from sin and death by Christ. And we also have an amazing Savior who perfectly modeled God’s heart. Jesus beautifully illustrated to us that God wants His people well, and even though sin had yet to be taken care of when Jesus walked the earth, Jesus still healed them all. He healed every single one of them. As I’ve said before, Jesus never made anyone sick. Jesus healed them all. Jesus was moved with compassion. Jesus raised the dead. Jesus set free the demon possessed. Jesus also said He could only do what Father does, that if we’ve seen Him (Jesus) we’ve seen the Father (God), and He was the Image of the Father. He and Father are one in the same.

Even though I do not believe that God made my son and I ill, I do know God has done a work through this time of sickness. He’s been working in me through the experience of disease because He is that good. He’s using what the enemy would like to use to destroy me, and instead is turning it around for my good. I’ve been drawn closer to God, I’ve had visions of Jesus, dreams of healing, deeply intimate conversations with God, and incredible experiences with Holy Spirit. I’ve gained important revelation from the Word, developed into my calling, and have great empathy for the chronically ill believing for their supernatural healing.

Jesus is working in my life despite the disease in my body. He’s getting glory through the process. He’s giving me a testimony. And ultimately He will prevail in this situation with my son and I, delivering us from the evil attacking our brains and bodies. The enemy has tried hard to destroy us through illness. He’s tried to pull me away from God through it. He’s tried to literally take my life and my son’s life. Disease isn’t good and it isn’t from God. Jesus healed all who were sick. If He were out of the will of God He wouldn’t have been able to produce healing, and that’s silly to even think that Jesus would ever do something against God’s will since they are one in the same. Jesus never told anyone that He couldn’t heal them because they hadn’t learned their lesson yet. He never told anyone He wouldn’t heal them because it wasn’t God’s will. He never said anything of the sort. He always said He was willing, be cleansed. We must remember this when believing for our healing. Jesus wants us well. He died not only for our spirits but our bodies too. Having said that, He will still produce a great work in your life through the healing process. And when He heals you, He’ll give you the testimony of a lifetime that will be used for His glory!

My faith has been tested. My patience, developed. My trust in Him has grown. I’ve learned to rest in Him. My worshipping heart has matured. I praise Him in the good and in the bad. I delight in Him when life is brightly beautiful and when it’s dark and black. These are the positives of this experience. God is working this out for my good because He loves me that much. He has power over Satan, as do I, through Christ, and through His grace, and my faith, we will beat this together, hand in hand. But don’t let this fool you – disease is evil. My mothering has suffered. My marriage has suffered. My relationships have suffered. My body and brain have suffered. My health has been under a constant state of assault for five years. My entire life has been flipped upside down. This is evil, pure and simple, and not God’s best. But I trust Him! I love Him and He loves me and has better for me. And it’s coming… it’s coming. I believe His Words over my circumstances, always. Healing is His best, always His will, and His will WILL be done in earth as it is in heaven – and let’s remember, in heaven there is no sickness.

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