Woke early. Before the rest of the family. Got dressed and ran down to the store. Stopping first at Hobby Lobby for a white board for taking pictures of my projects. I grabbed groceries, forgetting two items Adam wanted,  I always do that, even with a list. I managed to fight the urge for McDonald’s breakfast. I’m trying to baby step my way into eating better. Again. I call that a win, even though I came home and ate a few donuts. It’s still a win, right?


Finished up a teddy bear/kitty cat/ whatever-it-is-that-you-see-when-you-look-at-it. I love the finished product. I used a free pattern by Shiny Happy World – it’s her charity bear. You can use it for making gifts, just not for reselling. I wanted a really girly bear, thus the flower pattern and pink accents. For my first bear using this pattern I think she turned out well.


Stitched this pretty hoop up for my dear friend, Jen, and her family. I love them so much. She is one of my truest friends. Even though we live states away, have never met in person, and even had periods of time with hardly any communication, for some wild reason, we both love each other and each others families so much. It’s a God-connection. One of those special relationships you know God just had for us all along.


After grocery shopping and donuts eating, my husband took the van to get it cleaned out and the oil changed for my in-laws big trip to the ocean with my kids. They leave bright and early, or actually dark and early, Thursday morning. Will be gone for a full week. I’m excited for them. They’ve never been to the ocean. I’m also nervous about their big drive there and the kids being in the ocean. I trust my in-laws but two adults with three children is a lot, no matter how young or old you are. Praying it’s a safe and unbelievably fun trip!

We also picked up two new iPhone 6 phones. We traded in our 4’s. So that was quite a treat for us! We are still getting used to it, and finding the novelty of Siri fun. I played with the slowmo feature and basically all the camera features. I wish it could zoom in. Can it?


My mother-in-law, who for the sake of my readers will now be referred to as Mom T., made dinner for us. It’s so nice living so close to them. We eat dinner with them at least once a week, but usually more than that. Even if no dinner, we at least see one another two to three times per week, even if for shorter periods of time. It’s a real blessing. She greeted me with a big hug – always welcomed so warmly by them.

Dinner was chicken and noodles, corn, peas, salad, and bread. Desert was fresh watermelon and pineapple. Dash and Zane played video games and Lego’s after dinner, while Nick, Adam, Mom and Dad T. played cards. I ran home, because we literally live 2 minutes from each other, and grabbed my stitching project.

While they played, and got upset at themselves for not having good hands, and explained to Nicky why he didn’t have a good strategy, and Nicky then cried, I stitched up a piggy finger puppet. I laughed hard throughout their card games. You’d think they weren’t having fun but they assured me they were.


I’m truly living a blessed life. No matter the pain and sorrow of certain aspects of our life, the fact is, we’re blessed, we’re loved, we’re living the sweet life. God is good and family is everything.

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