Daddy’s dirty hand whipped through the air, landing across Momma’s tired face, with such force her cheek turned purple, like filthy rouge painted across her flesh.

Momma was a yeller, the voice inside that little woman could carry throughout the tiny house she stood in, slamming into small souls, writing wicked upon their hearts.

When home, Daddy was violent, or Daddy was absent, plugged into TV, or working on cars, or gone all night, leaving Momma and little ones kneeled at couch’s edge, praying to God for answered prayers.

This could be my story, or yours. Maybe your parents were addicted to drugs, or alcoholics. Maybe they beat you, or sexually abused you, or were emotionally unavailable to you. Maybe nothing you did was good enough, you were punished for the best you could do. Possibly you felt misunderstood by your parents. Or maybe your parents were never around, putting work, or hobbies, above the relationship with you.

How we grow up often shapes our view of God.

Often we think that God is like our parents. And if our parents were cold and demanding, we project that onto God. Or if our parents were never around, turning their backs on us, we think the same of God. Maybe there were beatings, and slaps, and screams in faces, by parents that were unpredictable, leaving you a ball in the corner, fearing that whatever you did, or didn’t do, would bring on their fury. Now, because of that, it causes you to fear God, thinking of him as violent, and unpredictable, leaving you hiding in the corner from Him.

Then there’s religion. Religion reinforces our twisted view of God by telling us God makes us sick if we sin, or God sends hurricanes to parts of the world where sin runs wild, killing mass amounts of life in order to teach a lesson. Religion tells us God pulls away if we aren’t holy enough, or that God is mad at you, withholding blessings, until you correct your wicked ways.

Well meaning people teach stories from the old testament through the lens of the old covenant, instead of teaching it through the lens of the new covenant, teaching it through the red blood of Savior. When we have a complete grace revelation, we can then read the old testament, understanding it for what Father meant it to be for us, His Forgiven and Saved people.

Sadly, most often, we aren’t taught how to read the old testament, and we’re left with many misunderstandings of God, and His Heart, which then shapes our relationship with Him and reinforces the view of Him we’ve had since childhood.

Messiah paints the picture of Creator, a painting that mirrors Him perfectly.

Christ was moved with compassion and healed all the sick.

Savior cried.

He set people free from demon possession.

He raised from the dead! Proving that death is not always in God’s timing, not always His will.

Jesus walked with, and ate with, those that the religious dismissed, or were disgusted by.

He spoke the truth in love.

The King of kings, our Lord and Savior, was confronted with a woman caught in the act of sexual sin, instead of judging, and condemning her, He let her go with a loving warning not to sin again.

Christ told us if you’ve seen Him you’ve seen Father. And He can only do what Father does. He and the Father are One.

Father God is not like our earthly parents. Even if you had picture-perfect parents, Father is still a better parent than they could ever be, because He is God, He is Love, He is all knowing, He created you.

Father is passionately in love with you. He holds no sin against you. He isn’t counting on His Hands how many times you’ve sinned. He remembers not your sins. If you don’t do something perfectly, He isn’t going to smite you down with cancer. If you pull away from Him, He isn’t going to turn His Back on you, He’s always available to you, just waiting for you to turn back to Him. He isn’t going to kill you, send you to hell, hate you, not forgive you, yell at you, hit you, or become emotionally unavailable to you.

Father loves you. He thinks you’re grand. He thinks you’re swell. He thinks you’re the most beautiful you He ever created. He sees your spirit, who you are in Christ, He knows the real you, the you that lives inside of you, and yet He also knows the flesh you, and loves you anyway. Even with the sin, even with the imperfection, He is captured by your heart.

Father didn’t send Son, part of Himself, taking our place on the Cross, taking the punishment for our sins, only to take that gift back because we sinned one too many times. Father isn’t an Indian-giver. It’s been done, once and for all time.

Oh that we would just accept this biblical truth as our truth, how much more we’d be set free, how much closer we would draw to Father’s Heart.

Father-God is the lover of your soul, He’s also the healer of your heart. You know those earthly parents who didn’t get it right? The ones who maybe tried their best but their best wasn’t good enough? Or maybe they came from the same abuse and simply didn’t know any better, yeah, those parents who you were born to, He loves them just as much as He loves you. He forgives them, too. It may be hard to accept, but when you do, I believe it’ll set you free from your past. And that childhood that scarred your heart, giving you a negative view of Father, He will heal you from that, too.

I pray your childhood wounds be healed. I pray your relationships be healed. I pray mostly that you would know Father for who he really is, and not what experiences, or religion, have told you.

(pulled from the archives.)

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