St. Louis was something else. We got stuck in horrible traffic. Adam and I aren’t big into travel in the first place. And we certainly aren’t into getting stuck in never ending traffic with no apparent reason.


We were stuck for quite some time before taking a chance and following other cars driving through the grass to make a short cut through the traffic.

We got into town, found a hotel we wanted to stay at (the Drury Inn), and checked in. Then decided we’d check out a museum and the zoo. The museum was closed so we went to the zoo. We literally saw one exhibit before leaving and going back to the hotel. We were both still annoyed from the traffic. Adam bought a huge expensive drink at the zoo while waiting to board the train when we found out you couldn’t take drinks on the train. So we left. That is how we roll.


We stopped off at a pizza place, got our order, and went back to the hotel where we spent the rest of the day and the next day. We swam a lot and watched TV a lot. It was a novelty to be alone together since we were yet living together at this point. It was perfection just spending alone time together without parents in the way.


Our pouty faces.


dang it I was so tan and skinny and  young!


Even though we didn’t do anything on this trip that we couldn’t have done at home, it’s still a very fun memory for us. We can make staying in fun. We get teased a lot for how much of homebodies we are but I think its sweet we can enjoy each others company without all the glitz and glam.

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