Goodbye Flint Street

It’s been a great home. More than a house, more than a roof over our heads, it’s been a memory keeper, a place where love has been grown, where a life took root and bloomed.


I was at work when Adam looked at the house nearly 13 years ago. He came directly from looking at the house, with a video tape of the house in hand. I popped it into the TV and watched. It was perfect. We made an offer and it was accepted that night. Oh and did I mention it was the first and only house we had looked at? We just knew it was the one.


We weren’t yet man and wife. We didn’t have children. We were living at Bicycle Club Apartments, got out of our lease a little early, and moved into the Flint street home mid November.

Our first home.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in our new home and decked it out for Christmas. It was so fun being home owners. And it was a cute little home.


Several months later we got married, not even a year later, we were pregnant with Nicky. Soon life began to grow in the little Flint street home.

We were rough on the house. Colored on walls, stained carpet, life happened, and spilled out from every corner.

We brought home every child from the hospital to this home. They grew from babies, to toddlers, to preschoolers, to school aged kids in this home.


There were many sleepless nights in this home and crying babies and nursing babies and potty training toddlers. We spent 12 Christmas holidays in this home, kids opening presents, stocking hung on the fireplace.

Jackson, Hunter, Tucker, and Gunner were our faithful doggie friends here. We spent countless hours playing in the backyard, riding bikes in the cul de sac, and walking the peaceful neighborhood.


And before we knew it, we began outgrowing Flint street. Soon our children required their own bedrooms and we moved to the basement. We began spilling out from the seams. It became loud and crowded and yet somehow cozy. But we knew it was time to let go and pass this sweet house onto another young couple just starting out.


It’s time to pass it onto someone else. Whether we would have stayed in Missouri, instead of moving to Texas, we knew it was time to move on.

Adam and his father spent endless hours making the house into something we’d be proud to pass onto the next couple who will make Flint street their home. It shines like a beautiful diamond. It’s a home I’m proud to have called my own for nearly 13 years.

And I will miss it.

I will miss the neighborhood, the city, the fields, the woods, the big open backyard.



I will miss the cozy nature of the house. I’ll miss the kids bedrooms. I’ll miss the memories that come along with the home.


This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place. This home is security to me, stability to me, the only place I’ve ever considered home.

It’s the place where so many sad and happy tears have been shed. Where holidays and birthdays and happy days were made. Where love was made. Where we got up at 3am to get ready for the hospital to welcome our three boys into the world.

It was where we left as a couple and returned as man and wife.


I will desperately miss this home and the people that we have called neighbors for nearly 13 years. It’s been a special and magical experience living on Flint street. One I’ll never forget. I can only hope our new home on Hayden Lane will be as special as Flint street. I can only hope that in time Hayden Lane will feel like home and not just a pretty house.


I can only hope that Savannah Texas becomes as special to me as Platte City has been. It’s going to be so very different. Savannah homes are close to one another. The yards are small. The traffic is crazy, its not rural. It’s going to be a culture shock but I have faith I’ll adjust and I know my kids will.


While driving home tonight, leaving the lights and traffic of the city behind us, and driving into the open fields and open roads of the country, it hit me in the heart – I’m leaving all this beauty behind. I really am a country girl at heart. And I’m now moving into a bustling city.

But I’m also very excited for this adventure, this change.



Today was the first day for showings. We had so many I lost track. And we have two people putting offers in on the house.

It’s going to go fast.

And I’m so excited by that.

And happy for the new owners. And the memories they are going to make in this home.

They will welcome children, or raise their children, in this home. They will grow older in this home. They will laugh and cry in this home. Just like we did. And it will be special to them like it is to us.


A home to me isn’t just a possession. It isn’t just a location or a place to sleep and eat.

It’s the foundation of the life of the people who live in it. It’s the memory keeper. It’s a beautiful part of the family.


I’ll never forget you, Flint Street. You’ve been good to us.

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  1. First, your home was amazing. Second, (big squishy hugs) as you prepare your heart and your family for this big transition. I’ve been thinking about moving lately and what is important to me in a community. I hope your new home is as good to you as the home on Flint St.

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