Grace Whispers

Okay, stand together by Daddy and smile big, please.

The sound of my voice carried, caught by the wind, whipped away out of ear-shot. My children didn’t hear me, or didn’t want to hear me, they ran, and did everything but stand still and smile.

Hey guys, come closer to Daddy and look my way.

They did their best to listen and obey in the midst of the fun a big old barn offers, and the excitement of a rail road brings, and the rush of a wide and winding river.

I think about God’s voice. How many times Father tries to get my attention, but His Voice is carried away on the wind, because my attention is too focused on something else. Something pretty, something entertaining, something rushing, and whirling, and floating, and just about anything other than Father’s Voice.

Only until I walked up to my children, kneeling to their level, speaking softly, did they listen. They heard me because I spoke kindly and came down to their level. I spoke to their hearts.

They didn’t get it perfect, but I saw they were trying. And that’s really all I needed from them. Their attention and their willingness to try.

I think about God again.

So many people think Father speaks loudly, barking orders, demanding so much from us, so much that we can’t ever live up to, and if we don’t get it right, He gets angry and sends destruction into our lives.

Father speaks softly through His Spirit. He speaks kindly through His Son. Grace grabs our attention. He came down to our level by sending Savior. He kneels before us, speaking with love, and compassion, and kindness, desiring our full attention, but offering so much grace if we don’t get it right, if we get side tracked, Father doesn’t move, He patiently waits for us to quiet ourselves and hear Him.

He’s kind. His Voice, not carried by a loud boom, but rather a soft, still small whisper we strain to hear.

They weren’t perfect, these kids of mine.

They didn’t get it right the whole time.

Even still, I had fun with my babies.

I laughed at their enjoyment of the beauty around them, even if that beauty took their eyes and ears off me for a moment.

I imagine Father feels the same toward us.

Even in our imperfection. Even when our eyes and ears are captured by our children, or jobs, or the beauty created around us, Father still finds great delight in us, His beloved children.

This is no excuse to ignore His Voice, or remain carried away by the wind, floating away on a whim, losing focus of Father. What it is is a life changing realization of the deep love Father has for us, His babies. And when we realize how deeply we’re loved, we change, we lean in close, and listen. We change because of Father’s true, deep, and undying love for us, His children.

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