I got my new glasses. I can see better with them. They don’t yet have scratches. I’m also crazy wild about how they look on me. Though truth be told, I would much rather go without them daily if I could.


My mom came over today. We walked the neighborhood together with my youngest love muffin and my ragamuffin pup. We talked about good things and happy things and very very sad things I can’t share right now but are burning a hole in my heart. Speaking of my heart, it about fell out of my chest watching my love muffin’s tiny hand wrapped inside his grandma’s hand.


After a very long day of work and children, preparing meals and cleaning up messes, stamping orders and crying tears – too many tears – I gathered the children ’round, telling stories, and hugging tight, little bodies. Closing out the day we walked the neighborhood, snapping pictures, holding hands, gathering sticks, and rocks, and searching for bugs.





It’s after nine pm. The house is dark and quiet, sleeping babes dreaming sweet dreams. Their lullabies playing in CD players, songs singing of Jesus and our faithful God. I think of the mothers who have lost their children. And the children who have lost their mothers. I am so thankful and so very blessed, grateful and hopeful I’m not screwing up this motherhood thing too much. I’ll greatly miss this precious time of our lives when its over. Lord help me savor every single solitary moment with them.

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