Grown In My Heart

All this talk about my pregnancies and belly reminded me of how blessed my husband and I really are. When it comes to getting pregnant we’ve never had any problems. We don’t spend months trying to get pregnant. We haven’t dealt with the tragedy of a loss of pregnancy. We’re very blessed and are aware of that.

It has made me think of all the other parents who don’t have the same ease of getting pregnant or the ability of keeping a growing baby inside their bellies. Or maybe even the parents who simply have a huge calling on their heart to adopt.

For many years now I’ve had an interest in adopting from either China or Korea. I wish I could put into words why. I can only sum it up as a calling. At this time it isn’t realistic for us because of cost, requirements and the fact that we’re now pregnant for the third time. It may never happen for us, but I’ll always have that soft spot in my heart.

Because of my own soft spot for adoption, and realization of how expensive it really is, I decided to seek out an organization that accepts funds from people like you and me for people who want/need to adopt a child/children but can’t full afford it.

In my searches I found just such an organization. It’s called Gift of Adoption. You have a few ways of helping this business.

1. Make a one time donation
2. Lead a giving circle
3. Volunteer your time
4. Donate a vehicle

Your gift will offer hopeful parents the opportunity to adopt the child their heart so longs for. I can’t think of a better way to spend some of your money.

If you want to learn more about GOA watch this video or read their information on the website.

Children are such a blessing. A blessing I pray everyone (who wants them) has the chance to experience. And what a great way for us to help (even if in a small way) that happen.

(check out this podcast for adopting parents. the host has such a true and caring heart.)

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  1. “Calling” – this really is the best way to explain it. Because adoption takes a tender heart that can only come from God. It also takes Him to move in the hearts of all who are involved.

    I am going to go check out this site. Thank you for sharing.

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