happiness is a choice.

happiness is simple.

happiness is contagious.

Do you agree?

Since I can remember I’ve delighted in the simplest of pleasures. Usually the optimist in my family, I try to find the good in a situation and person. I’m acutely aware of how my actions affects others, and go out of my way to make people feel special… because I feel good when others are happy.

But mostly, the joy I feel on the inside just simply cannot be contained, and inevitably it wears off on those around me.

Though my life is anything but simple and easy, and sometimes quite painful, I’ve always got a much longer list of joys to be grateful for … and that is what I choose to focus on.

I love life. I love nature. I love people. I love laughter.

I choose happiness.


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  1. Great view point! I love it! Mostly I think the same way… sometimes the cares of the world get heavy on me, but I try to choose happiness and thank you for your pep talk!! Love the pic as well it’s so well happy!! 🙂

  2. What a great reminder for me! I always try to stay positive and keep a smile, but not always. I find myself busy with work and the day to day task to forget to put on that “happy face” and think positive.

    Great picture by the way!

    Cindys last blog post..Where have I been?

  3. Yes! So true. Life is hard and sometimes nearly unbearably painful, but even (sometimes especially) in some of the hardest moments life is intensely beautiful. And, there is ALWAYS something to rejoice about.

    Madelines last blog post..Window Box Sweetness

  4. This is always a daily struggle for me. All thought i try to be an eternal optimist i find some days harder than others. Good for you for being able to smile about life and move past the bad! Maybe i need you to be around on my bad days.

    Courtney @ Chaosisuss last blog post..Isn’t It Ironic…

  5. SO true! We have little control over certain circumstances in life, but it’s up to us to decide how we are going to react.
    I definitely would call myself a “realist” rather than an optimist. So I’m not exactly Miss Sunshine all the time. But at the end of the day I believe that happiness IS a choice.

    Mama Ks last blog post..Home Again!

  6. Me? I wish I were more like you. 🙂

    I’m more a glass half empty kind of gal – especially when it comes to the small stuff. Which sounds ridiculous. But I’ve always been that way. I stress about things that really don’t deserve stress.


    Overall, I see the blessings in my life. I see them and I am so thankful for them. Now…it’s just a matter of translating that optimism over to the little stuff.

    Something tells me that my recent water experience will take me a long way in that direction.

    And can I just say that though I’ve not been to your blog before, I find your happiness to be incredibly refreshing?:)

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