happy here

10655040_537216589744420_1632152794_nMy mother and father in-law are in town visiting us for a week. They drove in tonight and will leave sometime next week. The kids are so excited its unreal. Dash especially. He just had to jump into Papa’s arms and sit by Papa and have Papa hug him. It’s so sweet and precious. We had dinner at a local mexican place and had good conversation. They are still out in the living room watching television while I retired to bed as 6am will come sooner than I’d like (getting kids ready for school).

Tomorrow is me and Adam’s anniversary, 12 wedded years. I forgot, so did he. My mom reminded me tonight when she texted she hopes we have a good anniversary tomorrow. I think life here in Texas just got in the way and our minds have been on other things. It certainly isn’t an indication of anything other than time got away from us and our minds have been on settling into a new state and getting the kids into a new school. I laughed good and hard tonight when we both discovered we’d forgotten about it.

Oh and notice the new name? Yeah, I love it. Totally. It’s the name of the street we live on. It made perfect since to me to change the domain name from Nellers to On Hayden Lane because I blog about my life lived in this house and on this street. I’d been struggling with the domain name for several months. I felt this urge to change it but didn’t know what to. This just came to me and I instantly loved it. I do believe you can still get to the blog with nellers.net but the official domain name is onhaydenlane.com.

And on that note, I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams, friends.

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