He did it. He really, really did it!

He said it. He really, really said it! Four little words strung into a sentence. Little Nick is 3 years of age & last week was his very first sentence. Music to my ears.

Let me give you the play by play. There I lay, blanket over my eyes, nursing one of the worst migraines ever I felt.

Nicky kept trying to get my attention. After I explained to him that Mommy had a boo-boo. He said “boo boo”. I said, “yes, boo boo”.

Out of his little mouth comes “Dada, Mama Boo Boo.” I just about fell off the couch. Instantly, my migraine pain seemed very insignificant. Off came the blanket, up shot the mommy, and out came the gushing love from my mouth.

Daddy and I just sat there in awe. So happy. So Proud. So excited. I revel in his new words and new found love of speaking. He does has a long ways to go and he’s lined up for therapy with the school this Fall, but his progress thusfar has been astonishing!

I know he will flourish in therapy. I try not to think about everything that is to come and just live in all the little moments of now. But, I must confess to you that I am counting down the days when I hear him say “I love you mommy”.

Dadda, Mama Boo, Boo. The sweetest words strung into a sentence I’ve ever heard.

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  1. awww!!! I’m must be hormonal ’cause I’m tearing up over here. Those firsts are so sweet!

    BTW, I joined the challenge! We need a button or something. 🙂

  2. This is precious. I am anxiously awaiting the first sentence too. I imagine it is going to be something with the cat though.

  3. Yay for the little man!! It is so rewarding when you see such accomplishments like that!!

    I quickly tried to look through previous posts to see if there was specific reason why your son was needing therapy …. I only ask as my son was recommended to try speech therapy and I have been waivering on it as I think that he is just fine ….

    Please feel free to email me if you are willing to share and chat on this.

  4. Hi~ I’m visiting your blog for the first time after Steph mentioned it over on Adventures in Babywearing. That precious little sentence is adorable– not only a sentence, but it was one of concern for his mom!

    My son (who just turned one) has been in PT, OT, and ST for a couple of months now, and we’ve been amazed at the progress he’s made in that short time. I’m sure your son will be talking non-stop before too long! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the sweet little sentence! What a great accomplishment! Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

  6. WOOHOOO… that’s my boy. Auntie Jen is proud of you Nicky. Tell mommy to give you a big hug from the girls and I.

  7. I can’t wait for Gray to start talking in sentences, too! Right now I am usually the only one that understands his “language!”

    Thank you for wishing my Mom a happy birthday today, too!


  8. Doing the happy dance for Nicky! Way to go Nicky! Keep up the great work! Nell I bet those words were the sweetest things to your ears! That is so awesome!

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