My 40th birthday is one month away.

40 years on this earth. 40 hard years, blessed years, painful years, enjoyable years. 40 hard-fought years. In some ways, I feel like I’ve already lived a lifetime. In others, like I’m only 16 yrs old. Like, how am I almost 40?

My skin is showing her age. My hair, too. My body isn’t as perky and young. But I embrace it all. All the perceived not-so-good mixed with the very good.

Life’s journey has taught me much. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you walk through the journey that matters. Are you humble when the good is filling your cup to the brim? Are you determined not to give up when it’s so bad you can barely stomach it?

Do you lose faith when it’s bad? Or do you hold onto to maker of the stars, always, even when nothing is making sense?

I hope to continue growing in wisdom, kindness, and patience as I age. I hope I keep growing in faith and joy. That I never turn my back on the goodness of God and keep His promises in my heart.

This is what almost 40 looks like. Happy.

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