He’s Getting Ready

This little man is quite ready to be a big brother again. He’s excited to help me hold the baby, change the baby, change the baby’s diapers (we’ll see lol) and teach the baby new things.

His Grandmother got him a baby doll to practice with and I was surprised to see how much he liked the doll. He likes to pretend to change the baby’s diaper, change the outfits, pretend to feed the baby (that’s what the blocks are in the cradle..food.), sing to the baby, hold the baby and so on.

I think he’ll get a wee bit jealous when the baby comes simply because he is hooked to my side currently and the baby will have to take his place for a little while, but over all I do believe he’ll be excited to be hands on with babyD.

Now baby zboy on the other hand… he simply would shake his head no and hit the baby doll away when we showed it to him. I don’t think he’s ready to give up his baby status yet.

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  1. This is so cute!!!! Our daughter love doll but my husband just taught to bring a little kitty to see her reaction (we have 2 adult outdoor cat and a big dog – but she play with them no problem) And indeed she is jealous if I was petting him or if he try to eat “her” food or touch “her” toys!

    So we’re going to have fun in a couple of months!!!!

    Hope the transition goes well for your family

    Renees last blog post..Fried beets experiment !!!!

  2. how cute! I remember when my little brother was born. I was almost 9 and the hospital had a class that my older brother and I got to take. It was all about diapers and bottles and babies. It made us feel so special! I don’t remember any sort of resentment when the baby was born. Looks like your little man will do just fine! :o)

    Mommas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- Best Friends

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