Tomorrow we walk into the doctors office to find out of my husband has cancer. Last Thursday he went into surgery to have a testicle removed. The doctor feels it’s cancer but needs to send it off to pathology to give us a solid diagnosis. We’re still holding out hope that he is wrong and my husband will have just gone through a terrible scare, but not actually have it.

He’s been so strong. But I know he is scared. I am scared. Nodes in his stomach showed up suspicious on the scan, his testicle was very large. It’s all frightening. But, we’ve just been trying to keep our minds off of things until Tuesday. There’s nothing we can do but wait, so we wait.

This has been such a whirlwind of a week and a half. No matter what the diagnosis, he’s been through so much already. So much I wish he didn’t have to go through. I love him so much and hate to know he might suffer even more than he already has. I pray he’ll be without cancer. But if he does have it, I will fight with him the whole way. He won’t be alone in this battle.


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