His Sweet Little First Prayer

We’ve been saying prayers before bed each night for several months now. It’s a bedtime routine that he enjoys and expects, but he is never the one to say the prayer. It’s always Mommy or Daddy and the prayer usually includes thanking God for our good day, Mommy, Daddy, baby, and general things of that nature.

Well, we just got home from our 4th and final evaluation & everybody is just plain pooped so we decided it was time for an early nap. Nicky ran into his room, sat on the floor, and put his hands together. I asked if he’d like to say the prayer and he proclaimed “Yessss”.

I wasn’t sure what we’d hear since he doesn’t have much of a vocabulary yet. He bowed his head, and began his prayer:

Ma Mah & Papi

Ma Mah & Papa

Mama & Dada

Puppy & Puppy




I can’t tell you how much it warmed my heart and touched my soul that my little three year old said his very first prayer to Jesus and he decided to pray for all the important people in his life. It’s moments like these that I’ll cherrish forever.

Do you remember what your child’s first prayer was?

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  1. Awww bless his heart! That was the sweetest little prayer 🙂

    I can’t remember off the top of my head what Caleb’s first prayer was but I’m sure I journaled about it cause I journal(ed) about everything!

  2. Geez, Nell, next time give us a kleenex warning or something! lol And I couldn’t help but notice that he put everyone else in the prayer before him. Sweet just doesn’t describe it!

    My first three girls’ first prayers were to ask Jesus into their hearts. It was shortly after we started going to church four years ago. I’d just come to the Lord myself and I felt awed to be the one to hear them.
    Now, my boy Ben isn’t really talking yet, but when we prayer for meals he either holds hands or puts his together and bows his head. Sometimes he babbles along, and I swear I him he say “God”. I’m just dying to hear what comes out when he really starts talking!

  3. That is just the most sweetest thing I have read. Isn’t it wonderful when we see our training of our children, paying off.

  4. That just gave me a smile and a little chill. I love these precious moments. Having gone through 4 sons,

    I can’t remember right now the boys’ first prayers, but know I have such things noted in journals. But my youngest, 9 yo, now prayers like a minister…we call him Brother Wil. 🙂

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