This week has been a little unnerving.

I’ve started my antibiotic treatment for the Lyme disease that has been playing house in my body for so long.

It aint easy.

When killing off this bacteria you often experience a worsening of your symptoms before you get better. It’s from the bacteria that is being killed and the toxins it’s leaving behind.

As you can possibly imagine that isn’t fun or easy and, at times, has even become scary.

But I hang on for the ride.

At least now I experience much needed hope.

I now know why the pain and fatigue have been so present in my body for so long, and how to begin getting rid of it all, getting back to me once again.

I took a picture of the corn field next door.

I edited it to my eyes delight.

It brought me some pleasure, I hope it does the same for you.

I thank God for giving me an appreciative eye for His beauty. Not only does it draw me closer to Him, but it also fills my being with much pleasure…much, much.


Today I spent far too much time in front of the television taking it easy.

Really, I must admit, I wasn’t as much taking it easy as I was doing my best to make it through the symptoms that slammed my body after the antibiotic this morning.

That tiny white pill packs a powerful punch.

We watched a lot of the Billy the Exterminator marathon on A&E today.

The boys were intrigued by the wild animals and why the Billy Man was saving everything except the wasps.

I walked past my two older boys room tonight and caught a glimpse of them in the same bed, watching tonight’s new episode of Billy the Exterminator.

Made my cheeks hurt from grinning.

And then, I joined them.

Sweet ending to another day.

Another day closer to my full recovery.

Another day further away from the hell of not knowing what, why, when, how, if…


Tonight I rest in the Lord’s arms, for I need His comforting embrace.

That warm, sweet, tender embrace I’ve come to know and need and love so much.

A love so tender… an embrace equally so.

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  1. Beautiful pictures to accompany such beautiful words in your post, Nell.
    I wish that the recovery could just be all good for you.
    Hopefully very soon it will ease up. Any idea from the doctors how long it gets worse before better?
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Just How GHETTO Was the Couch =-.

    1. @Sharon:

      Sharon, there’s really no way of telling this early on. Some people get better within months, while others it takes several years. I’m believing I’ll be full recovered no later than this time next year. I don’t have any one telling me that, it’s just my faith.

      Corrine and Jen, you two mean the world to me. I adore you both.


  2. They are so sweet 🙂
    And that cornfield – gorgeous.
    Thinking of and praying for you, lady. All my love!
    .-= Corinne´s last blog ..Today =-.

  3. i loved this. i have had some bad days lately….and just today decided that i am going to do things that fill me and renew my heart even if they might seem wasteful to others. even if my sink piles with dishes and clothes don’t get hung.
    .-= michelle´s last blog party and playlist =-.

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