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In a few days I’ll pack up my little family, make that drive we’ve made twice before, lay down on the same table, look up at the same TV screen and see this new little life inside of me.

My husband and I will hold hands, both hearts beating quickly, answering questions my four year old will have all the while anticipating the words we’ve been waiting to hear for 19 weeks…

As we watch our baby on this giant screen we’ll get to see what shape the head and face is, what the nose will look like and see the little body moving around as if to say “hey, I know you’re looking at me”.

This will be especially sweet for my husband as it’ll be the first time he’ll see the heart beat and the baby. He’ll be laying eyes on his new little baby for the first time. And how sweet it’ll be to share that with him at that very moment in time.

I keep walking around on cloud nine thinking about meeting this baby for the first time. I can’t keep this silly smile off my face. I love this little life taking shape in me so much. I can’t imagine the love that will come pouring out of me when I hold his/her little naked body on mine later this year.

It’ll be a moment I’ll never forget as I lay there holding my husbands hand, staring into his eyes through tears as we smile when we hear what this little life will be and sharing that joy with our oldest.

Monday is the day. The day our life gets just a little bit more exciting.

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  1. The ultrasound was always a fun day for me. There is nothing like seeing that life move around inside you, watching the heart beat, the legs kick, and hoping the face will turn your way. Enjoy the day and cherish the moment!

    Mels last blog post..I’m Late, I’m Late…

  2. AWWWWWW! Ultrasounds are the best….except for the whole having to pee a gallon during it.

    But, really…it is such an exciting moment…and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. That is SO exciting!! I cried every time I had an ultrasound, and my husband almost cried too when he was there to find out the sex of the baby 🙂

    Cassies last blog post..Venom

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