home is where my family is.

10 months.

Ten months until we move. Could be sooner if we end up getting a house before Adam needs to go down for his job, which would then result in me and the kids moving down first.

Either way, were moving from Missouri to Texas this year.

It’s huge.

This is a big big deal.

I’m excited for the change. I’m looking forward to house hunting, and finding a home with a pool in the backyard. I’m looking forward to the warmer winters and hot summers perfect for swimming.

I’m also nervous. This is a huge decision. A life changing decision my husband and I have made. It will affect my children’s lives, our lives, our family’s lives and so on.

It’s bittersweet. I’ve only lived in Missouri. I only have memories of this part of the world. I don’t like change much. I like living in the same place for long periods of time. I’m sad to leave the house my husband and I bought together 13 years ago. I’m sad to leave the neighborhood, the town, the rural area we have loved for so long.

I’m sad to take my children away from their friends and the schools they’ve only ever known. It’s bittersweet that my children will likely see themselves as Texans and not Missourians.

But in the end, this is the decision we felt best for our family. It’s a great opportunity for my husband. He will be opening up a very popular furniture store in the Dallas area. We expect it to be financially well worth it. And satisfying for my husband. We have family down there already and more are moving to the area in the coming years. We won’t be alone. The weather is what we’re looking for too. It will be a fun adventure for our family, once we get past the tears and stress of moving.

I see pool parties and lots of exploring of a brand new part of the world to us. I see trips to the lakes and the zoo and museums and all sorts of things. Fun adventures in finding a new home church and meeting new people. I also see our family bonding even closer together as we make this move together, as a unit. And seriously, y’all (Texas speak, right?) if it doesn’t work out, we can always come home.

We can always come home.

But in reality, home is where my family is. And I do believe with all my heart Texas will become like home quickly. God reminded me when my fear began to take over, that home is where your family is, and where your family is, there is your home. The rest will all fall into place. Amen.


And on topic … found an awesome home with the coolest looking pool in Plano Texas that caught my eye. I realize it will likely not be on the market when we move but I still enjoy looking.




and oh ya baby, this looks grand right about now!


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