I’m seriously considering homeschooling my children. I’ve had the desire to do so since my first born son went to Kindergarten but it wasn’t the right time as I’ve been fighting a chronic illness that took most of my energy from me. As I heal, I grow more and more convinced I could do it. And then there’s God. He’s been whispering to my heart about educating my children from home.

Zane’s  been having a hard time in school. Ever since he began school he’s had a hard time. The teachers are putting general expectations on him, that he conform like all the other children. Zane is a unique child. He walks to the sound of his own drum. He isn’t ADD or anything the school might eventually say he is. He simply learns in different ways and has energy that needs to be released.


He doesn’t like school. I want him to enjoy learning. I want to direct him in the way that is going to ignite his desire to learn and grow. He needs more one on one time teachers in public school just simply cannot give.

I spoke with my husband about possibly educating him from home soon. The first thing to do with my husband, when it concerns anything big like this, is to float the idea out there. Not to make it sound like its a make the decision now kind of talk. Especially since he was publicly educated and just assumes all his children will be educated in the same way. He was open to my suggestion of homeschool Zane for one year to see how that helps.

So now its just a matter of time. If Zane begins to learn better and enjoy school more in public school I am completely okay with him remaining in school. However, if things keep going the way they are going, I do believe we will, at the very least, try this method of learning for him.

Only time will tell.

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