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House shopping is fun but very very stressful and overwhelming. Throw on top of that, house hunting in another state – ha, forget about it. We spent the entire day looking at houses in north Texas. It was fun! A lot of work. Some hideous houses, some okay houses, one house that blew us away. One thing I’ve learned from this process is smell matters. One house smelled like cat pee, one smelled like throw up, one smelled brand new – guess which one we liked out of those?

We put in an offer on Hayden Lane. We’ve yet to hear back. On pins and needles is an understatement. Praying hard for favor. And for a smooth transition from Missouri to Texas. It’s an awesome home. Brick front, porch, and front deck, study/guess room, game room upstairs, big kitchen, big dining room, good sized living room, half bath down stairs for guests, master down, big bathroom, and walk in closet, lots of storage space, all electric, which we are used to, and a decent garage. The backyard is small but we’ll live with it. Sidewalks out front for the kids to ride bikes on and resort like amenities, which we toured.


I don’t want to do this again. I am hoping against hope they accept our offer. And also praying I adjust to Texas. There’s a lot of people here. A LOT. And they drive like maniacs. Maybe not everyone, but there are a lot of speeding, not using turn signals, zipping in and out of traffic, drivers here. I wont’ lie, it had me very anxious driving around. Not to mention I don’t know anyone in the area. My sister in law and brother in law are a couple hours away, so that’s nice, but still, I won’t have a whole family here like I do in Missouri. I’m still excited and looking forward to this adventure but I’m much more nervous about how I’m going to adjust than before.

And just because I forgot to post pictures yesterday – here are pictures of our road trip down here.


Outside our Missouri home.


Outside of OKC, at Cracker Barrel.


Big step for us.


We’re here!


Texas, ya’ll!

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  1. I love those white jeans! They look fantastic on you! I’m with ya on getting dressed and put together every day. I’m the same way – I’m much more productive when I look presentable!!

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