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Honoring God with My Presence.

I cleaned. For what seemed like the billionth time in two days. I scrubbed and rubbed and wiped and picked up in preparation for company coming into town for a week. I came home from church tonight, it was messy again. How does that happen? So I will scrub and rub and wipe and pick up again tomorrow before they arrive.

I jumped in the shower mid-day after cleaning and slipped on my comfortable skinny jeans from Forever21 and new tee from Torrid. I like that I can go casual or dressy. I don’t go to a church that has dress codes or a church that will judge you if you decide to wear a tee and jeans one week and a dress the next.


I really didn’t feel like going to church tonight to be honest. My body is tired and achy. I’m either experiencing a flare of Lyme disease or coming down with something. Either way, I made myself go. And I’m glad I did. I’ve found that most of the time I make my body do something it doesn’t want to do, I am glad I did.


After dropping Dash and Zane off in their classes, Nick and I proceeded to the adult service. He wanted to stay with me again. I haven’t been able to get out of him why but I think its because he is the smallest and one of the youngest kids in his class and he feels out of place. I’m still not sure if I’ll make him go to his own class or not. Tonight, I let him come in with me. And I witnessed something that brought tears to my eyes. While we were worshipping, hands raised high, I glanced over to Nick, who had his hand up. Not high, not super noticeable but there it was, up, toward the sky, worshipping Jesus.


After picking up the other two boys from their classes, they both began telling me about what they learned. Dash was excited, stoked, oh-so-happy to tell me about Joshua. He colored a picture of him and couldn’t stop talking about Joshua. He asked when he is going to be able to see Joshua, which led to talking about heaven, which led to talking about Jesus, which led to talking about God, which led to talking about love, which led to talking about more people in the Bible.

Nothing makes me as happy as when my children are excited to learn about the Bible and heaven and Jesus and God and why God loves them. It’s my supreme honor to teach them and answer their sweet questions about it all.


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