I Cried – He Didn’t

One day not too long ago I didn’t know if my son would ever speak. One day not too long ago I didn’t know if he’d like hugs, kisses and being tickled. One day not too long ago I didn’t know if he’d ever be nice to his brother and become friends with him or anyone else for that matter. One day not too long ago I wasn’t sure if he’d be able tohandle water bring poured over his face, hearing loud noises or many of the other sensory issues he struggled with. In fact, one day not too long ago I didn’t know if he’d be diagnosed with the big A word that no parent wants to hear.

Now I can’t keep him quiet. Now I can’t give him enough hugs and kisses and tickles. Now I can’t keep him away from his baby brother. Now he has friends. Now he takes baths and washes his own hair. Now he is so far from the big A word that it isn’t even an option of a diagnosis.

This time last year I took him to his first day of the early education program with our school. He cried. He sobbed. He was so scared. He didn’t want me to leave him. Fast forward a year and now I’m the only one crying that I had to leave him. I cry now. I cry because I’m so proud of him. I cry because I’m so thankful to God for his miraculous turn around. I cry for the free therapy/school program we were blessed with. I cry because I learned so much about his diet and how that affects him. And I cry because he is growing up and I can’t stop him.

Today was bittersweet…but more sweet than bitter.

I love the boy he is. He is my world and I wouldn’t want to live in any other world than in his and my other son’s.

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  1. You are so lucky. My son is almost 4 and does not speak, does not eat solid food (he lives on pediatric nutrition drinks), doesn’t like anyone (he tolerates his family), hates anything to touch his body, especially his hands. Nothing has helped my son and he has been the A word since birth. I am really very happy for you. There are a few A word kids like my son, who may not ever live the normal life. We haven’t given up because he is the love of our lives, I am glad you didn’t give up on your son either.

    Cindis last blog post..Teaching Kids to Crochet or Knit

  2. He is such a big boy now Nell. I remember when my kids were as little as your son and their first day of school. Boy, they do grow up sooooo fast don’t they? Enjoy him as much as you can. I’m sure he will have lots of stories to share when he gets home.

    Maries last blog post..Tell Me Thursday #10

  3. What an amazing little boy you have. I have one of them too. He doesn’t like to eat food unless it’s encased in bread, won’t touch crayons, and loud noised bother him, but he talks, he hugs, and he is so sweet. And like you I cried when I left him at school today. His vocabulary has blossomed over the summer. It’s amazing how much they learn when they get the help they need!

    Tiff@Three Peass last blog post..Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

  4. So many things about this post sound like they could have been written by me…

    Your post brought tears to my eyes – what a big beautiful boy you have there – he’s amazing and he’s got one amazing mother!

    Jenns last blog post..The Love Of Boys

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