Eighteen years later, I still remember the time when I knew I would marry my husband. I remember it fondly. I knew from day one he was special and we had something really sweet together, but it wasn’t until our trip to Wichita, Kansas to help open a new Outback Steakhouse that I knew I wanted to marry him. I had a small taste of married life spending time alone together for an extended period of time and I loved it.


Fourteen years now married and I am more in love with him now than ever. We have a great love story to hold onto and look back on fondly. I’m blessed to have him as my life partner. We do make great partners. Although not a perfect marriage, there have been bumps along the road, it’s a true partnership. We are a great team and love each other deeply. And most of all, we make each other laugh daily. We truly love spending time together. I’m a lucky gal. And he’s a lucky guy.

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