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Tomorrow marks our 7 year wedding anniversary, but we’ve been together for 11 and have been sharing the same home for 9 years. He’s been in my world all of my adult life. We share three beautiful children together and have made a nice little happy home to keep us wrapped in warmth and love.

There are only a few things I’d tell those young love birds about what married life was going to bring. Only a few things that they didn’t know was on the horizon.

1. Take vacations, go places, get out and have fun.

See, we’ve always been home bodies. A good day for us would usually have consisted of watching football on Sunday, or snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie, or taking the dogs for a walk, going on hikes, and small trips in the area. And while those things are fun and all, the fact is we could have much more easily went on adventures prior to having 3 young children.The last time we got away on a real vacation was for our honeymoon!

2. Enjoy the quiet.

We had nothing to compare it too back then. So we didn’t know what we’d be missing. The Mother and Father of three little rowdy children would tell those young love birds to enjoy your peace and quiet. Because big changes are on their way. And although you’re going to love those big changes more than your own life, there will be times you miss the silence. Sp appreciate what you have now.

3. Fix that house up!

Okay, this probably sounds silly. But I speak the truth and this is one doozy of a “I would have told us then”. See, we have so much left to do on this little abode of ours. It needs much work and fixing and adding onto. All the things that take a lot of time and more money than we have now. Back when we were young love birds, with no financial responsibilities past a house payment and a small grocery bill, it would have been much more feasible to get it all done.

4. Cling tightly to each other

Life is going to bring great tragedy your way in the upcoming years. It’s going to also bring the stress of raising three children, working 60 hours, working a couple of home based businesses, and not having as much couple time as you should. And although you make it through all the hard times, become closer and more in love, it’s going to be rough and hard and relentless at times. So go ahead, hold on tightly to each other now and become familiar with that feeling. You’re going to feel it a lot in the coming years.

I can look into the future and guess what I’ll say to us now.

I bet I’ll have some type of advice like; enjoy this stage of parenthood you’re in now because it goes quickly and you’ll miss it. Enjoy being needed so much because one day you won’t be. Hold onto the little joys in life because one day it’ll just be the two of you and you’ll miss the noise and unfinished house that held so much love.

And somehow I imagine when we’re very old we’ll look back on those days and tell those people to enjoy the time alone with each other. Don’t spend so much time missing how things were. Don’t spend too much time longing for little children to run wild through your home, noise to jump off all the walls, and never ending projects to attend to.

Spend it traveling with each other. Spend it making love. Write each other love letters often, take silly pictures together, go to a park and relive your youth. Take up new hobbies with one another and spend time at the beach as often as possible. Don’t miss what you no longer have. Appreciate what you do have… Each other and a grown family of lovely boys who will one day bring Grandchildren into the fold.

And finally, what I’d tell us now. What I have to remind myself of almost daily.

Though life is chaotic, overwhelming, sometimes very difficult, straining and loud… appreciate it all. And appreciate it while holding onto the one you once called lover and friend and now call soul mate. Because with each phase in life comes the good and the not so good and sometimes the down right bad, but when you face those things together you’ll always be okay.

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  1. Yay, Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds…..what a blessing to still be committed and in love after 7 yrs!! My hubby and I celebrated 10 yrs this summer…it’s all about God being the tie that binds, eh? CONGRATS!!!! 😀

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