I see very little value in him

So here I am. Back sooner than I thought. Not because I’ve got something beautiful and elegant to say or because my love for blogging is back in full swing or because I’ve got a full time nanny and I now have the time…

I’m back to complain.

Something I very rarely do.

And I’m ready now.

I took my son {Zane} to our pediatrician about a couple health concerns I had regarding him. He’s had this enlarged thing on the side of his neck for over a month now and I felt like it had been too long just to be a swollen gland.

And since the beginning of the year he’s been experiencing changes {not good ones} in his BM’s {gross, I know} and how his stomach handles foods.

See, he got picky and strong willed. I thought I knew how to handle that because I’d gone through it before with my oldest son, but I was in for quite the surprise with Zane.

And due to the changes in his diet, I now believe it has had quite the adverse affect on his little body. I went to my PED thinking he’d have suggestions for me, answers for me, be able to help me narrow down what he is eating that is causing the problems, or if he has a yeast problem or needs a special diet… and so on.

Even though my husband and I pretty much know that it’s diet related, likely there is an imbalance of bacteria in his gut {that leads to yeast} and maybe even some food intolerance we were hoping to have a medical professional give us some answers or suggestions or thoughts.

My 3 year old has symptoms that go along with IBS. This. is. not. normal.

The PED completely blew me off. He was totally uninterested in what I had to say. He felt my concerns were invalid. He told me, “EH, I’m not concerned. Sometimes kids have problems with their BM’s, but they’ll grow out of it.” and he literally said it with a shrug of his shoulder.

I kept on him and he would not give me an inch. I told him about the IBS symptoms, and how his tummy hurts after he eats and everything that I could think of to drive it home to this jerk that my son needed help. He wouldn’t accept that anything was wrong or even admit that it was likely related to diet. He just kept telling me he wasn’t worried and it wasn’t hurting Zane. {I beg to differ man!}

And when it came to the swollen gland – he said it was an enlarged lymph node. And yet again he said he wasn’t worried about it at all. He went onto say it was probably from a recent cold and that we all have lymph nodes in other places of our bodies too. I asked him to please check these “other places”. He had another enlarged lymph node in his pelvis area. Yet again he blew it off as though it was no big deal.

I walked out of that office $ 35.00 down the drain, my confidence and trust in him shot to hell, and with no help or answers for my son. And this is our third PED since the birth of my first son 5 years ago. It just seems like most medical professionals are all the same.

So I’ve scheduled an appointment with my chiropractor this coming week. He was the one who confirmed my yeast problem – told my MIL that her gall bladder was in bad shape a month before she was admitted into the ER for her gall bladder … he knows his stuff. Not only is he qualified {obviously} to work on your back and neck and hips and pelvis {ahhh, it feels so good} but he is also trained in nutrition and lives on the holistic side of life himself.

What is frustrating is that I shouldn’t HAVE to take my child to see my chiropractor to get answers. That is what his PED is supposed to be for. But unless my child just needs to get vaccinated or has something like an ear infection or a broken bone, he seems to be pretty much worthless.

I’ve not had the best experiences with traditional medical professionals in my own health and it only continues to be the case with my children, too. Now if only insurance would cover holistic professionals, chiropractors, naturopaths and so forth, I wouldn’t have to deal with these frustrations in the first place. But no one in my area seems to be insured with my carrier.

Nonetheless, I’ll scrounge up the money needed and bring my son in this week … At the very least I’ll know that he’ll take me seriously and do his best to help my son.

And when I find out what is going on with my son, and how to help him, you’d better believe I’ll be letting my PED know about it. He shouldn’t be so irresponsible when it comes to his little patients and their health.

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  1. I would have been furious Nell. We’re lucky that we have a ped who listens to us and at least hears us out. But personally, I’m running into the same problems – it seems so many are just ready to either say it’s nothing, or prescribe something. When dealing with my migraines the neurologist wanted me to go on a daily drug that was known to have HORRIBLE side effects, one that would have left me barely functioning for the kids, let alone myself. I opted to try acupuncture (not covered by insurance of course) and low and behold my migraines are gone. It’s amazing what more holistic care can do – I wish I knew more about it, and it was more commonly used to treat instead of going with drugs and shrugs of shoulders… (you hit a sore spot w/ me! LOL!)

    In anycase, I really hope you find something out next week for your little guy. That doesn’t sound pleasant, for any of you! Hugs to him!
    .-= Corinne´s last blog ..November beauty =-.

  2. Well, I’m no medical professional but it sounds like maybe he’s having some gluten intolerance. Have you tried a gluten-free diet to see if it helps at all? I know a couple of people who had very similar experiences and that’s what it turned out to be. Maybe you could try gluten-free diet for a while and see if there’s any difference. Whatever it is, I hope he’s better soon and you get some useful answers. I’d definitely get a second opinion if I were you, though. That ped sounds like a real moron.

  3. I sure hope you have better luck w/ the chiropractor! I have faith in them.
    Sorry it was like that w/ your ped. I felt the same way w/ our old one-useless. If a dr isn’t willing to consider the mother’s thoughts, then what good is he?!

    I look forward to an answer-filled update. 🙂
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Happy Birthday to Haleigh! =-.

  4. I would suggest a couple things. I would first start interviewing new pediatricians. You should be able to make a non-payment appt or phone appt to talk with the dr and find out if s/he is someone who is willing to work with you and is open to your thoughts/beliefs in medicine. I would make a list of questions and I would put on top a question on their feelings about holistic medicine.

    I would also look into nurse practitioners and see if your ins will pay for them or find a clinic that has both dr and nurse pract (they can bill under the dr but you see the nurse pract). We have had really good luck with nurse practitioners. They are more open to alternative medicine, they are less expensive, and they spend more time with you.

    I would also do your own research. If we are having an issue in our family that doesn’t seem to be something we need to go in asap for like a diet thing I do my own research first. (You can even print out articles for the drs to read, lol) There is a lot of things that you can do on your own especially with diet issues. There are some diets online to start determining what is making him ill. Look into Glueten issues, look into other allergies also.

    Lastly if you are really into alternative/holistic medicine I would see if you can get a FSA or an HSA account. If you have a lot of health issues you may only want an FSA account to suppliment your insurance. A lot of these even give you cards that you just pull money out of an acct. It is pretax money you set aside for any health things your insurance does not cover and they will usually cover chiro, nutritionist, etc.

    An HSA is what we have done in our family (except this last year since we had a baby and knew we would have hospital bills). We get very basic insurance with the HSA it covers child well visits, vacinations, some preventative, and has castrophic coverage (if you are in an accident or get very ill it will cover that after a deductible). We set it up so what we put into the acct was about what we would have paid for the best insurance plan.

    By the end of the year we had a few thousand in there. Because we don’t go to the dr that often, we are rarely sick and don’t have too many rxs. We research less expensive options like nurse pract and best prices on rxs.

    An HSA the money rolls over you don’t have to use it up by the end of the year, we could have put less into it the following year if we didn’t end up having another baby. And if you never use it the money can be transfered to a retirement acct.

    Sorry this is so long and I hope you find out what is wrong with your Zaney. 🙁
    .-= Pepper´s last blog ..Egg Pigs =-.

  5. This sounds so similar to what we go through with our Ped. We have been with him (or i should say stuc with him since no one else who takes our insurence is taking paitents ever) since my first son was born. Sometimes he can be the greatest but for the most part he just shrugs us off and always acts like he is in a hurry. For our new bundle (when ever he should decide to arrive) we are going with a new Ped and i am hoping for a better experience. Either way unless we need a sick visit Phabain is done with his shots til he is 12 and only needs yearly physicals and MJ just has his 4 years shots left to deal with. So i think a new Ped is ok for us as long as we can find one to take all the kids.
    .-= Courtney@ChaosIsUs´s last blog ..39 Weeks: He Is Never Coming Out =-.

  6. Even good doctors are often of surprisingly little help. I don’t yet have a doctor that I like for myself. However, I was extremely lucky when I found my sons doctor. So far she takes my opinions and concerns very seriously. For the most part I think doctors aren’t as necessary as people make them out to be. But, when something goes wrong it’s really wonderful to have one who you can trust. I so hope you find one who’s trustworthy and good. And, I hope your chiropractor is able to help out.
    .-= Madeline´s last blog ..Ugh, Argh, and Double Ugh =-.

  7. I would be LIVID. We have a wonderful ped and he will sit there for hours talking with you (that is why he is always behind schedule) but I love he takes the time.

    Those swollen glands is warning signs something is wrong in my opinion. I would ask for bloodwork to be done. Something is NOT RIGHT and he needs to be seen now. Gosh this has me worried.

    I’ll be saying a prayer indeed!!!
    .-= Jen @ One Moms World´s last blog ..Day 6 of Thankfulness =-.

  8. gah. Yet another reason I’m not a big fan of regular medicine. They rarely give you an answer unless, like you said, you have a broken bone or an ear infection or something glaringly obvious.
    I’d look for a new Pedi myself. You deserve to be listened to at the very least.
    .-= Mama K´s last blog ..Boo! =-.

  9. Uggg….I’m so sorry! I hate looking for peds! You have to go through all the ones that look at you funny and imply your a bad mom or something before you get the wonderful one!!

    We will pray for your little one until you find out what is wrong!
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..Comic Strip Sunday =-.

  10. I can relate to this post so much. Had we actually had a PED who cared at all about doing his job well and caring for my son he would have found out long before my son turned 5 that he had a brain disorder. We only discovered it after moving to another city and even at that it was his kindergarten teacher who made the suggestion to check on somethings his PED’s never did. We too went from PED to PED and with no luck for anyone with any concern our son.

    I hope all turns out well for Zane. You are all in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))
    .-= Nanette´s last blog ..A Candy Wrapper, An Acorn & A Quarter =-.

  11. I hear ya! I often wish that we could see a naturopath instead of our pediatrician. I’d do it in a heartbeat if the cost weren’t so prohibitive.

    We actually have stopped going to “well visits” altogether. It always seems like a waste of time and $25…
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..at least a hundred a week =-.

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