If You Really Want To Know

Momma with Mostly Natural Momma and Erin with Beading Mom both tagged me to share 7 random/weird factoids about myself.

Okay ladies, if you really want to know some weird factoids about me then here you go! I’ve given this tag a food theme.

1. I drink pickle juice.
2. I used to dip plain potato chips in mustard for a tasty/zingy treat.
3. I like the taste of hot water with lemon and fresh garlic.
4. If I didn’t have to eat I probably wouldn’t. I don’t derive as much pleasure out of it as most people seem to.
5. Given the choice between vanilla or chocolate ice cream I’d pick vanilla…especially if it were homemade.
6. My favorite vegetable treat would have to be fried cauliflower.
7. If given the choice between water, juice or pop I’d almost always pick water.

I’ve been told nearly every one of those 7 facts are strange…what do you think? Anyone relate to my likes or am I just plain weird?


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  1. I’m so the pickle drinker!!! Love anything pickled-juice! Cocktail onion juice!! watch out! ♥ that too! I’m with ya on the chips and mustard believe it or not…but i’m chocolate, pop and love to eat all day long!

    Tara B.s last blog post..My Husband Rocks ♥ Fridays!

  2. You are so not weird! I’m right there with you on the drinking pickle juice and eating fried cauliflower (I actually just had some yesterday! YUMMY!). I like plain potato chips dipped in a ketchup/mustard mix.

    Now I must say you are a little on the weird side when it comes to choosing vanilla icecream. I think I need my eyes examined I couldn’t have possibly read that correctly 😉 Chocolate RULES! LOL

    Tishia Lees last blog post..Dance Party – Another Army Video

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