I’m happy. Truly, happy. Texas and this season in my life have brought a certain level of joy and contentment. I’m settled. And so happy. Experiences with my family right now, like, walks to the ponds, kicking the ball around at the soccer park, throwing the kids around in the big pool, spending time with Adam out to lunches bring such joy to my heart. Is life perfect? Who has a perfect life? You know my health struggles, my son’s, too. But here’s the thing, life is what you make of it. It’s perspective. It’s what you choose to do with it. I choose to see the good. Some might think I’m fake online, only showing the good. Honestly, truly, this is me. I’m just really happy and content and loved. I wish my body was the picture of health, I wish Dash didn’t deal with pain and headaches. And I do share that part of my life from time-to-time but my goodness the love and happy outshines the negative every. single. day.

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