I’m Ready For A Change

I’m getting pretty sick of my same ole look. Same ole long boring hair, boring color, boring boring boring. lol It is EASY to work with as a Mama, but I’m getting tired of being okay with my look because it’s easy for this Mama.

Leafing through a magazine I landed on a picture of one of the dancers on “Dancing with the Stars”. I think her name is Cheryl Burke. Anyway, I really like her hair cut and the color. I’ve had my hair short before and I liked it, but there was more upkeep to it since you can’t just throw it into a pony and go.

However, as easy as my hair is right now I am getting quite bored with it. So, below is a pretty recent picture of my current hairstyle and color and then below that is a picture of the haircut I’m interested in.

What do you think? Do you think I should go for it?



I have to add that if my hair was long and thick I might be happier, but since I’ve had the baby my hair is still falling out and it’s quite thin now. I can’t do much with it.

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  1. GO FOR IT! I have to do something too, I look tired in my pics. I gather it’s mostly because I just had surgery, what a week ago? 🙂 I think that style would look awesome on you Nell!

  2. I think that you should go for it. I think you will really enjoy this style. You will still be able to do a ponytail.

  3. I love my long hair, but I think it is because my mom never allowed me to have long hair when I was growing up, so this is the longest it has ever been!

    I think it will take me awhile to cut it off again.

    Aside from that little story LOL, I say go for it. Honestly I don’t think it will take that much upkeep either.

  4. I like it..as long as you want bangs, go for it. I have the same hairstyle as you, and am looking for a change as well. If you go for it, please let me know how you like it.

  5. I like it! But it does look like more upkeep. Life is short and it’s only hair afterall. 🙂

    Since I had the baby I decided to grow my hair out long. I had it short for years. I loved it, but didn’t love the frequent trims or having to blow it out if I wanted it to look decent. So I’ve been experiementing with different braids and updos to try so that I don’t get bored with it. Pulling it up in a pony everyday is not exactly stylin! lol

  6. I know JUST what you mean!! I am ready for a change and that is a fabulous look! I don’t mind if I have a little extra to do for my hair- that is how tired I am of it being so BORING!!!


  7. Yeah I can’t wait until you get it done & we get to see pics! It’s a couple week’s past my time for new highlights and this time I’m also going for a new hairdo! It must be in the air……..LOL!

    You go girl 🙂

  8. I LOVE her hair! Yours is already gorgeous too but I also think you would look great like that. I think I may do that too once the summer is over and get some red highlights!

    BTW, PLEASE email me.

  9. Absolutely go girl!

    I wish I could get a cut like that I love them. I have long, thick, wavy hair that I HATE with a passion. I am constantly pulling it up and because of that, it’s breaking and falling out, but not getting any thinner…what’s wrong with the picture here? When you pull out handfuls of hair every day you’d think it would thin out, but noooo I really believe it’s even thicker! LOL

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m in dire need of a different do and I envy you Nell for being able to go with a cut that I would die to have…so what are you waiting on…make that appointment and get it done girl. We want to see you with your new do.

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