In The Middle Of The Present And Future

I’ve been in the middle of day dreaming and being frustrated that I don’t have the time to make my dreams come true.

I wait and yet in the waiting I’m planning.

I live my day to day life and yet in the living I’m fantasizing.

At night I dream about my dreams.

And I take small, tiny baby steps towards living with no regrets.

Time is againts me and I hear the ticking clock pounding in my head and heart. Sometimes I want it to stop, sometimes rewind and sometimes fast forward.

I am somehow  in the middle of the present and the future and it overwhelms and complicates my desires.

Maybe I’m walking slowly, maybe I’m standing still or maybe I’m about to take off running. Just like in this picture, it’s often hard to tell which one of the three I’m doing. And at any given moment it changes.

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  1. Nell, I love how you write from your heart. That kind of writing is the truest form of poetry. Or maybe in your case, songwriting.(hint hint) Keep up your strong faith. I would wager that God is trying to telling you something. Take this moment to stand still and listen for his voice. He’ll point you in the direction you want to go.
    .-= Wendy J.´s last blog ..Learning to Value others: Even those with Blue Hair =-.

  2. You have such a gift for matching your photographs to your words. That in between state seems to be so common in motherhood…maybe because there is so much else to do first other than our own desires. But, I think it gives us lots of thinking and dreaming time so that when we are free to fly we know better where we want to go. Not to mention all that beautiful love that we get to go with.
    .-= Madeline´s last blog ..Ugh, Argh, and Double Ugh =-.

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