in the yard.

This is the yard that changed my life, forever. The grass that hid the ticks that carried the Lyme that infected my body for the last 14 years. Backed up to the woods and the brush that kept the bunnies and the mice and the deer that were the food for the ticks, that eventually made their way into my home by way of my dog.

Pregnant with my third son, waking to the sight of the blood-sucker attached to my inner ankle, whose head remained lodged inside my skin from a panicked me who didn’t remove it properly.

Fast forward two years before diagnosis, and 14 years later, and you’ll find the same bacteria floating around my body, lodged in my organs, my glands, my skin, and swimming in my bloodstream. (The same can be said of my son, who indeed was born with Lyme.)

Something beautiful, like a big grassy backyard, can hide something so minuscule, yet so powerful as to try and destroy a body, a baby growing inside said body, creating a lifetime for both mom and baby of Lyme disease.

I look back on that yard and the years of great memories playing with my dogs in it, then my kids as each were born into that home, mowing it with my husband, chasing my kids, picnics and playtime and I must confess, I do hold some trauma in those memories knowing what was lurking that eventually made my family sick. I think, what if we wouldn’t have made the choice to buy that house? Would we have ever caught the disease that has filled our lives with so much pain?

Yet, there’s no real point in the what ifs – we can only deal with what life brings our way and keep it moving. And so, 99% of the time that’s precisely what I do – keep it moving, don’t look back.

14 years ago this month I was bitten by a tick that would change my whole family’s lives and at the time we had no idea that little tick would be the reason for me, and my baby’s, failing health.

I hope to help you to avoid such a fait by raising awareness of the dangers of ticks. And if you ever have any questions of Lyme, I’m here to help.


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