I had a salad for lunch today.

I’m trying to lose weight.

Not for the sake of vanity, but for the sake of my health.

I’m 200 pounds.



A size 18-20!

I know some people will say, “I would have never guessed, you don’t look that fat.”

To which I’ll say thanks.

But the truth is, I am.

How did this even happen? I blinked and was this fat.


See that bulge around my ankle up there…

I’ve had swelling around my ankles since I got sick almost six years ago.

I never knew how much I liked my skinny ankles until they got all puffy.

That sounds really vain I know. And it probably is.


When you’re sick and things remind you of that sickness it really kinda sucks.


Today I watched my husband play games with my kids.

He cooked all three meals.

And did a load of dishes.

While I worked on Grace Tags, this blog, and took pictures.

He’s an awesome man.

But you already know that.


My mirror is dirty. I didn’t notice it until I took this picture and posted it online.

Kinda like how I don’t feel as large as I am until I see myself in pictures.

It was warm today.

I wore my new boat shoes and a short sleeve shirt. I love these warm winter days.

I’m looking forward to Texas living.

I’m also a little sad to be leaving Missouri behind.

I talked with my brother tonight.

He’ll have been in prison nine years this fall.

NINE years. How did that happen? I just can’t believe it sometimes.

I miss him.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours! I appreciate your honest writing. I am over 200lbs., at 5’2. I have four children and work full time, not a lot of time to myself. I know I need to do something to help me lose weight. It’s hard, being the age I am (47), but I am still hopeful. Have a lovely week.

  2. Hey, I am trying really hard to try lose several pounds and tone up for a vacation. But everytime i begin my diet i find I slip up and its so frustrating, two days in. Any tips on keeping motivated. Or fast weight loss tips

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