Independence Day Celebration 2017

Every year our neighborhood has a celebration for the 4th, a week before the 4th. There’s always a parade, where they throw candy, and other goodies out to you. The parade is my favorite part. Then after the parade there are bounce houses, vendors, food, fire trucks, face painting etc and so on.

The kids weren’t thrilled at first because it was super humid out, but once the candy started coming out, boy that changed their minds! We ended up staying an hour and a half and then walked home. It was a lot of fun, but of course, the only missing piece of the puzzle was daddy, who never gets the weekends off from work. We missed him being there. Even though the kids grandparents were there, which was special, it just never is quite the same without daddy there too.

Adam is a very important part of the family, of our lives together. We love him and enjoy being with him a lot. I’m so thankful for his sacrifices for the family. He’s always made providing for the family a high priority, even though he does miss some of the family fun we have together. I hope the children grow up respecting that daddy was a hard worker for the family. And I hope they are happy that mommy was always around for them.

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