It Never Gets Much Easier.

I get so tired of Lyme disease. My primary infected area is my brain. Then my glands.  Then my muscles. I do have pain in my muscles but pain isn’t my number one symptom. My brain is. That’s really hard to deal with. You need your brain to function in life. I’m not down playing pain, pain is awful, but I wish like crazy this infection wasn’t so focused on my brain.

10401695_1469716683266862_773576797_nI have terribly vivid dreams that feel so real, they leave me shaken up in the morning for awhile. I deal with paranoia every day. Is the house going to catch on fire? Do I have all the kids in the car with me? I also deal with anxiety daily. It’s not to the level of a full blown panic attack, but its close. Aside from mental symptoms, I deal with other brain related symptoms. Brain fog, forgetting things, hard time concentrating, and so on and so forth. (For example, I often type the wrong word when writing blog posts. I have to go back and edit my posts a few times before I catch all the mistakes.)

I can’t even tell you how hard it is to live like this on a daily basis. None of the medication I’m on is taking any of these symptoms away. Maybe they are helping some, its hard to tell. The herbs I’m on only make the symptoms worse – it’s called a herx – when symptoms grow worse as the bacteria are killed off.

I want relief. Six years of this hell is just too long. And then there’s my young son dealing with Lyme. I took him to the zoo yesterday morning and he only made it about 30 minutes before he was sitting down on the ground, from exhaustion. I had to rent a stroller for my 5 1/2 year old to ride around in.

Anyone who doesn’t take a tick bite seriously, is playing Russian roulette with their health. Tick’s aren’t to be taken lightly. And Lyme isn’t the only infection they carry. You’re going to find resistance at your average, run of the mill MD’s office, so be prepared to fight for a test to be done. And I only recommend an MD when you just had the tick bite – and the infection is fresh in your body. If you’ve been dealing with symptoms for awhile that you think could be related to Lyme disease, please find a LLMD – Lyme literate medical doctor – and get tested with them.


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  1. Lyme Disease sounds absolutely awful. I’m so sorry to hear that you have been dealing with the disease for so long. I’m lucky that we don’t live in an area that really has many tickets, besides in the mountains. Thanks for sharing your story!

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