It was a perfect day.

The other day we had our first real snow, got out and played in it, made a baby snowman, sled, and enjoyed the winter wonderland, we also baked cookies together and watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the upteenth time.

It was perfect, really it was. One of those days you wish could go on and on. One of those days that makes all the other exhausting, demanding, less than fun days worth it all. I have the honor and privelage of being home with my boys full time. I have the joy of being the one who plays in the snow with them, watches Christmas movies with them, and snuggles up with them.

I’m also blessed with a husband who is a great cook/baker, and isn’t afraid to get in the kitchen, get his hands dirty, and enjoy the cookie baking experience with us.

I’ve also got to experience the fun of your child wanting to brush your hair to make you perrrty, do up your makeup, and all that fun stuff. I thought I’d not get to experience that since I have boys, but my oldest has gotten into making his Mommy perrty the past couple of days, and it’s such fun!

This time of year is a special one for me. I’ve always enjoyed this time of year and being able to celebrate family, traditions, and Christ. What about you? Have you been enjoying your family and traditions even more than usual?

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  1. Nicky is such a doll, wanting to perty-up Mommy!

    We’ve just been getting warmed up to the season by trying out new baking recipes, but things will really get started rolling in my house today when we go get the tree. The girls are so excited, they’ve been counting down the days!

  2. I avoid the snow play, personally, but it would sure be nice to have that perfect day. Those end when you have teenagers. At least on th scale we have kids. Either the teens are contrary and hate anything we have to say, or the toddlers are having tantrums, or the middle ones are picking fights with someone. They can’t all be good at the same time. Except at family gatherings, they are usually good then. I enjoy our family reunion every year because everyone is peacable then.

  3. I love this time of the year, and it really is special getting to do activities we normally do not do together. That is so cute that Nicky wants to make you pretty!!

  4. I love the pic of Nicky licking the dough – that’s my favorite part of baking 😉 Yes it certainly is days like these that make all the other ones worthwhile. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

  5. Definitely a perfect day! And how nice to have a man that loves to cook… Hmmm? hehe ;).

    I’m with you this time of year is the greatest. I want to bottle it up and keep it forever!!!

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