It’s a Kick

I’m not one for newest and hottest things, usually. I don’t follow trends and fads. Not in my clothing or technology. However, when Sarah Mae mentioned VoiceKick on Instagram I admit I was intrigued. So, I’m over there and I’m kicking it with my voice. Basically, you get 30 seconds for each VoiceKick you produce and then your followers can leave VoiceKick messages under your VoiceKick. I love the idea of being able to speak to one another with voice. If you’re on find me under On Hayden Lane!


Last night around 10:30pm I woke Zane for a surprise special-boy walk around the block to hunt toads. He was thrilled with the idea. We found at least 15 toads along the way. One peed all over his shirt, he decided to put that one down. We talked and walked and played with toads. It was so special and glorious and I savored every minute of it. When we got home we decided to stitch together, too. We were up past 1am together. Such sweetness.




Yesterday Dash and I made cupcakes together. Delicious chocolate chip cupcakes that he helped stir and scoop and slide into a warming over. He also passed them out one-by-one to his brothers, making sure to save one for Daddy. So sweet how something so minor can be so special for a child to do with his mother.


I got the kids registered for school. They start toward the end of August. I can’t believe how fast summer has gone by. Really, besides the first few weeks, it’s been really nice. I’ve been enjoying my kids and the hot weather for daily swims. I’m going to miss them when they go back to school. I’m going to miss them when they leave the nest.

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