Its Becoming Even More Real

Funny how my growing stomach & little baby swimming laps inside of me isn’t enough to make it all real. I’ve seen the baby on an ultra sound. We’ve named him & have planned how we’d like to see this birth happen.

But it wasn’t until my husband brought home our new van that it really seemed to hit me smack in the face — we’re having another baby…we had to get this van to make room for that new baby….we’re going to load another baby seat into that van soon.

I’ll be loading in and out of that van three of my most precious cargo. I’ll be holding their lives in my hands as I cruise down the road. I’ll be breaking up fights between three boys, laughing at them as they sing along to music and peering in my rear view mirror at my newest baby sitting with his two older brothers.

Life is about to change again & sooner than I might think.

(And for the record, we love the van. My oldest was having such a blast sitting in his new seat in the new van looking at all the fun buttons and vents and cup holders. It was adorable. That was until he threw a fit because we needed to go inside. They sure know how to put a damper on things sometimes don’t they? lol)

Thanks to my awesome inlaws we were able to purchase this keeper of our love!

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful knowing that your precious boys will be safe, happy, spread out a bit… even with the “fighting”… and easy to manage with your new van!? And just think of all the groceries, toys, strollers and sports equipment you can fit into that cargo area!! Ah… perfection!

  2. Congrats on the new van. I’ve always wanted a blue vehicle! Such a great view of how you will see the boys in the van. You will have to take that picture from your rear view mirror. I can’t wait to meet Dash and see pictures of all the boys together.

    Mels last blog post..Here I go!

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