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Its Even More Clear Now

He’s my hero. He’s my husband. My lover. My care taker when I’m ill. He’s the Father is my children. He’s so near and dear to my heart. In the weeks that I’ve been ill it has become even more clear to me how deep my love runs for this man. And how committed he is to me and our children.

This man goes out to work early in the AM and often works late. He never complains. NEVER. He does what he “has to” in order to provide for this family. But when he comes home he doesn’t expect me to do it all around the home either. He has always believed that it’s his “job” to “help” me with the kids and home. And he does it with love.

And now I know that when I’m sick or unable to handle my end of the bargain he’ll step in and do it without complaining. I know how deep his love runs for me and I know how deep it runs for him. I always knew it to a degree, but having a health crisis really, really opens your eyes and heart to how deeply it truly runs.

God blessed me … with his love and devotions and the children that came from that love.

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