It’s Golden

Peanut Better Jelly Boats tagged me for 6 random things about me and Mommy Musing tagged me for 7 interesting things … so I’ll just combine them into one meme :–)

1. I watch TV shows like Home Improvement and The Golden Girls every night before bed.

2. Since having my first born son over four years ago I’ve secretly wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse.

3. I own websites where I make money from adsense, ebay affiliate commissions and soon a couple amazon affiliate stores. It is a lot of fun doing what I do!

4. I carry around this huge jug of water with me everyday and it’s bone dry by the end of the night.

5. I met my best friend online many years ago and we’ve been close friends ever since. I hope to meet her and her beautiful family in person this coming year! Maybe at blogher ;–)

6. I like frogs and toads. I like watching them and holding them. Fun stuff!

7. I’d love to run a marathon one day.


I tag the following people for either 6 random things or 7 interesting facts…whichever you choose. :–)

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